Members Newsletter – June 2016

group-readingWe’ve been open a month so thanks for your support. You’ve been great.

This is the first Greenlight Comics members newsletter ever!


This month we have

  • 29th of May – Previews Party  (Missed it!)
    Hang out at the shop and go through Previews, order the books you want on the spot. Snacks!
  • 4th of June – Comic Lovers and Creators Meet up (Missed it!)
    Join us at the Grace Emily for drinks and comic talk. Its relaxed opportunity to talk comics, show off your portfolio and hang with cool people.
  • 9th of June – ADL > MEL Neapolitan Zine Launch (Missed it!)
    Three of the best indie creators in Adelaide are launching three new books.
  • 11th of June – Boardgames Day (Missed it!)
    Come in throughout the day for some casual and friendly boardgames!
  • 15th of June – Star Wars: Card game (Missed it!)
    Come in and play some casual games or learn how to play using some of our premade decks.
  • 25th of June – The Hail Print Launch
    We are celebrating the Print edition of the fantastic Hail web-comic.


The membership cards are ready to be picked up so clear out your wallets and purses so you can start flashing that green! If you’re not a member sign up!


Comics to look out for!

We’ve looked at the upcoming comics shipping in August and these are some books you may be keen on!

If you are interested let us know and we’ll add them to your subscription list.

New titles New Series Volumes
batmanAll Star Batman #1
Scott Snyder and John Romita Jr. New series starts with Batman handcuffed to Two-Face. Hell yeah.

suicidesquadSuicide Squad #1
The movie opens in August, but before then Jim Lee (!) begins a new era for the criminal-come-hero squad.


blackmondaymorningThe Black Monday Murders #1
Jonathan Hickman (East of West, Fantastic Four) melds magic and Wall St finance. And murder. (But not Garfield)

killorbekilledKill of be Killed #1
Brubaker and Phillips can not go wrong – see Fade Out, Criminal, Fatale.



turtlesTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #1
If you love TMNT but hate the new film, try this! If you love the film, try this!


drwhoDoctor Who: The Third Doctor #1
Written by Paul Cornel “The Heralds of Destruction” sees the Doctor and Jo Grant fighting a battle against terrifying invader.

mycroftMycroft Holmes: The Apocalypse Handbook #1
Basketball superstar Kareem (Flying High) Abdul (Game of Death) Jabar (NBA All-star) writes about Sherlock’s older brother. Come on! Slam dunk!

Other titles to consider

  • Deathstroke: Rebirth #1
  •  The Hellblazer #1
  • Lake of fire #1 (UFO crash-lands during the medieval crusades)
  •  Pirates of the Caribbean #1 (kids comic based on the movie that’s based on the ride)
  • 4001 Ad War Mother #1 (New Valiant title)
circuitbreakerCircuit breaker
The robots that saved Japan in WWIV rebel and only one robot can save us humans. (Art by Kyle Baker)



That wolf-boy is mine!
Girl starts new school. Boy says “You smell good”. Boy is werewolf. Age old story. First translation of the popular manga into English.

squirrelThe Unbeatable Squirrel Girl beats up the Marvel Universe – OGN
Punisher has done it, Deadpool has done it. Now Squirrel Girl beats everyone up (’cause she’s unbeatable!).

blackpantherBlack Panther : A Nation under our feet
New era stuff! He kicked ass in Civil War and now his new series is available. Written by award winning Ta-Nehisi Coates!

seductionSeduction of the innocent
Film-noir crime series for fans of James Ellroy and Jim Thompson.



gaimanNeil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book
Neil Gaiman (Sandman, American Gods) and Craig Russell tell the story of Nobody Owens, a normal boy raised in a graveyard. Collected in one volume for the first time.

Other titles to consider

  • The Flash by Mark Waid Book One
  • Karnak (Warren Ellis)
  • Doctor Strange: Strange Origin
  • The Phantom: Danger in Forbidden City
  • Oh Joy Sex toys Vol 1 and 2

Cool trades

New books that are bound to be good

Dave McKean (Sandman, MirrorMask with Neil Gaiman) magnum opus is finally out again. Beautiful rumination of art, God, cats and the cages we find ourselves in.


fromhellFrom Hell
A new Hardcover edition from two of the smartest creators in the comics field, Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. A dissection of the Jack the Ripper murders, one of the best graphic novels ever created.


cerebusCerebus: High Society Remastered
Classic indie tale celebrates its 30th Anniversary



israelHow to understand Israel in 60 days or less
A straightforward and sincere analysis of the Israeli situation told lovingly through humourous anecdotes. A distinctive and touching memoir.



Bobby lives in the moment, growing up in the 70s he goes from glam rocker to punk to metal freak. He drifts in and out of relationships. And his best mate has an ipad, (30 years before they were invented).


sonofthegunSon of the Gun

An abandoned baby, with a tail, is rescued by a transvestite dwarf prostitute. What else would you expect from great gonzo sci-fi writer Alejandro Jodorowsky?


hellboyHellboy in Hell Vol 2
Hellboy is dead. And in Hell. And kicking ass. Best work Mike Mignola has ever done. The final volume.



cousinjosephCousin Joseph
Jules Feiffer (Kill my Mother) releases a new hard boiled story of a man on a mission. He’s just picked a bad mission for the wrong side. A fast moving, violent socio-political satire.


If any of these titles interest you, you can fill in our online form or come down to the shop. If you are keen for anything not listed, that’s cool, contact us and we’ll sort you out.

Preview Parties
The Previews catalogue comes out every month and lists everything available to preorder.
When Previews is released we have parties where you can come along, flick through a copy and order what ever you like. With Pizza.
Check our calendar for the next party.

Coming out this week

Check out what’s shipping on our Facebook page

Theme weeks sales

Every month we highlight books, creators or themes.

This month it’s LBGTi week, during the first week of June, we  highlighted great creators and books featuring LBGTi characters.

Then E3 Video Games convention starts, so between 6 and 13th  of June we’re celebrating video games in comics! I challenge you to a Street Fighter 2 match!

As always you can contact us via email, phone, facebook or visit us in the shop if you have any questions or would like to add anything to your subscription list.


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