Standing-ordersYes, you can have a subscription to your favourite titles!

We’ll order the books you like, and when they come in we’ll set them aside for you to collect at your convenience.

First, you’ll need to sign up as a Greenlight member (which is really easy).

How do I create a subscription?

Instore: Just come into the shop and tell us what you want us to hold for you. If you’re not already a member we’ll sign you up on the spot.

Online: First, head to the Membership page to sign up as a Greenlight member. Once you receive your membership confirmation email, you can use your Member number to set up a standing order.

How do I change my subscription?

The best way is send us an email and we’ll happily update your details. Or you can do it in person and we’ll send you an email confirmation.

I want to cancel my subscription?

I hope it wasn’t something we did. But that’s cool, you’ll still be a Greenlight member.

I can’t come in and collect my subscription?

We hope everything is okay.

If you are collecting trades or graphic novels, that’s cool, we can wait for awhile.

If you are collecting monthly comics, you can pay for your comics over the phone and we can post the comics to you for a small fee.

But if we don’t hear from you for three months, we are going to put a hold on your subscription and we’ll stop putting books aside for you. We won’t order any more books for you until you pick up your standing order.

After 6 months we’ll assume you’ve been kidnapped by pirates, are away defending the frontier from Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada, or have married a vampire. At this point we will release your comics into the wild (but of course, if you have paid for any in advance, we will gladly hold these for you until you manage to slip away from your scurvy captors/reptilian comrades/bloodthirsty spouse).

Rest assured that we’ll make every effort to contact you before cancelling your standing order.


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