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Availability: Only 1 left in stock


Sam Wilson – winged warrior, avian Avenger and onetime Sentinel of Liberty – takes to the skies once more, reborn and recommitted as the freedom-fighting, high-flying Falcon! Taking on a new assignment while training his prot?g?, the Patriot, Sam soars far and sees all. But this mission sets him on a collision course with an enemy way out of his weight class: the demonic Blackheart! The Falcon and the Patriot must fight to restore order as a full-scale riot threatens to destroy Chicago. But with the son of Mephisto fanning the flames, the city will be put through hell – and so will Sam! The Falcon calls on Doctor Voodoo for aid as the fate of Chicago – and perhaps the world – hangs in the balance. Can Sam Wilson’s spirit triumph in the face of unspeakable evil? Collecting FALCON (2017) #1-5. Rated T+

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