Onibi: Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter, Graphic Novel


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Onibi: Diary Of A Yokai Ghost Hunter follows the adventures of two foreign visitors as they tour Japan. When they buy an antique camera along the way, they discover they can capture images of Japan’s invisible spirit world. The forgotten spirits they meet can be kindly, mischievous, and some, downright dangerous. Armed with their magical camera, they enjoy local foods in each region and meet with people who tell them about the forgotten spirits who lie in wait ready to play tricks on them. Yokai, the Japanese word for supernatural monsters, ghosts, ghouls, and demons can be kindly, mischievous, and downright dangerous. Readers 10-18 who cherished books like Cool Japan Guide and Diary of a Tokyo Teen will delight in this comic book style adventure. The graphic novel format will appeal to diehard anime and manga fans while stressing the importance this ancient spirit world is to the Japanese culture. In Our Spare Time reviews Onibi: Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter here Teas.com.au selected Onibi: Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter as a ‘Book of the Week’ and documented their review with a video diary here ‘The story is a wonderful combination of today?s life with the history of Japanese folklore. The story is engaging and interesting. And, the graphic artwork is fantastic with loads of detail.’?EllenLaFleche-Christian, In Our Spare Time ‘As a charming and offbeat guide to some of the lesser-known parts of Japan and their sometimes strange but typically generous human inhabitants, Onibi is charming and effective.’?Foreword Magazine ‘Basing their adventure on real people and places in Japan, [Brun and Prichard] create a spooky yet intriguing spirit world overlaid on our reality. Using a combination of watercolor and colored pencil, the illustrations are done in a beautiful traditional Japanese style?A must for anyone intrigued by the hidden spirit world and how it crosses over into ours.’ ?Kirkus ‘Welcoming locals, mysterious strangers, toothsome meals, and spooky legends all lead the intrepid duo through otherworldly adventures in this fantasy travelogue?Aided by Velde’s smooth, succinct translation, the duo ‘share a Japan that’s uncommon’ in panels rich with cultural details and sensitive representation, with just enough chill-factor to ensure entertainment along the way.’ ?Booklist ?Like a love letter to traditional Japan, this graphic novel takes readers off the beaten path to explore the mountains, coast, and small towns of Niigata prefecture alongside a pair of adventure-seeking French tourists??? School Library Journal

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