Fables Volume 2: Animal Farm review.

Written by Bill Willingham 

Illustrated by Mark Buckingham


Volume 1 teased ‘The Farm’. We know it was a place where fabled creatures who cannot pass as humans go to live. The Farm was praised by Snow White and other enforcers but always seen as a prison to the fabled residents.

Well in Volume 2 we get to see the farm up close and personal.

Twice a year Snow White visits the Farm to check on the fable community. This time on her visit she brings along her sister Rose Red and Colin (one of the 3 little pigs). Rose Red is forced into visiting the Farm with her sister as a type of community service because of her involvement in the antics of Volume 1. Colin however is being moved to the Farm because… he is a talking pig and can no longer be in New York without us Mundies (Nonfabled folk) noticing.
All is not well however as once they reach the Farm, it becomes clear that many of the residents are not happy, some feel like prisoners so much that a rebellion was started against the fabled community. The leader of the rebels is non other than Goldilocks, with the 3 bears as her minions.They are willing for heads to roll to reach their goal and their target becomes Snow White.

The more I get into the series the more I’m seeing writers freedom. Each character is portrayed in fresh ways and again Bill isn’t afraid to show some fan favourites in shocking new lights. No fable is safe both physically and morally. Goldilocks for example, in her original fairy tale, she is shown as a happy-go-lucky kind of girl who happens to make friends with a family of cute bears. In the Fables comic series however, she is a bit of a psychopath. Sure, what she wants for all fabled creatures is fair but her means to achieve that dream is filled with blood and murder of anyone who feels differently.


Bigby Wolf takes backstage here, this is a story of two sister’s Snow White and Rose Red and the events that take place in this story could end up killing their relationship forever. What makes things interesting is that you can relate to both, Snow White is like the fable government telling the fairy tale creatures what is best for them, and Red Rose is like the fairy tale creatures telling the government what is best.

The art is beautiful here with each character illustrated exceptionally. In some ways they look so much like the way you remember from childhood that when they are either displayed in a darker tone or are murdered in gory detail, it takes your eyes time to adjust to what your seeing.

I enjoyed Volume 2 just as much as the first and I look forward to what happens next.

Written by Tyrone Burns


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