Seven to Eternity Vol 1

Written by Rick Remender. Illustrated by Jerome Opena. Reviewed by Tyrone Burns.

Seven to Eternity is what you get when an all star team end up on the same page together!

Whether it’s Opena’s vibrant and detailed illustrations, Matt Hollingsworth’s amazing colour choices or Rus Wooton’s world class lettering, you know you’re in for a treat!

Rick Remender has taken his gloves off for this one. He has incorporated the genres: western, fantasy (with touches of sci-fi), drama and adventure into a deep comprehensive world that pulls you in and doesn’t let you go.

Straight from the very beginning the story is about family and the sacrifice the Father is willing to take for his loved ones. Remender tackles a familiar trope of the failure of a father but he manages to put new twists on the concept.

The story takes place in the war-torn, fantasy land of Zhal. The narrative starts with family. A father, Zebadiah and his son, Adam. After Zebadiah’s refusal to join the war, he and his family are outcast to the far reaches of the land. As Adam reaches adulthood he often questiones his father’s. When Adam becomes family leader, he is immediately given the choice to go on continuing his harsh family legacy in the name of honour or go in a new path thus betraying everything his father believed in.

The main villain is one of the story’s highest points. He is both terrifying and deeply interesting. His name is Garils Sulm also known as “The Mud King” or “The god of Whispers” and his power over the people is his “big brother” reach over all the land. His ‘whispers’ plague everyone into gossip paranoia and in the end, control.

He gives people an offer. He will grant you what you deeply want in this world but at the cost of you becoming his vessel.

Adam isn’t your stereotypical hero. He is rough and tough but his childhood has left him emotionally scarred. He has his faults but Remender tells his tale in a way that makes him more relatable because of those imperfections.

The same can be said for almost every character. Good and evil is all about perspective and the deeper the story gets the more that’s revealed. Characters first shown to be villainous later act heroic and vice versa.

It’s not often someone can create a comic with a brand-new world, politics and depth without it becoming pretentious or overly complicated.

The art is truly beautiful from beginning to end. The art shows strength despite pain on the face of Adam, malicious intent and confidence displayed from the Mud King and horrors and thrills in all the action. Opena’s art is up there with the best, but it’s the combined talent with Hollingsworth’s colours that makes the imagery something truly special. Bright blues and pinks cast over each scene, bringing everything to life while maintaining a strong personality.

This Comic asks the big questions. Namely when does one’s sacrifice for their family start to become selfish, and what would you be willing to do to save the ones you love?

I want to see how Adam answers these questions in the following volumes, so Seven to Eternity has my attention.

I highly recommend this title!

It’s fantasy, world building and apocalypse, done right!


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