Snotgirl Volume 1

Snotgirl_vol01-1Written by:
Bryan Lee O’Malley

Illustrated by:
Leslie Hung

Reviewed by:
Tyrone Burns


Credit where credit’s due, I’m not a fashion/romance literature aficionado. I don’t often find the stories and characters in such an opera entertaining and yet I found myself emotionally connecting to just about every character in Snotgirl. The story is extremely compelling and I was frequently left wondering where everything was heading.

Snotgirl is about a fashion blogger named Lottie Person who has allergies. On the surface she wants everyone including herself to believe that she has the best life imaginable. But it’s behind the curtain that we see the truth. Like many things in life, what we see isn’t necessarily what’s happening.  Snotgirl may be the envy of her peers but also may be a murderer! Things get strange fairly quickly and it’s these moments that kept me engaged. It’s not just a story about a fashion blogger living the good life, it’s about how far each of us will go to keep what we have earned.

Brian Lee O’Malley is best known for his work: Scott Pilgrim. What made that story so enjoyable was how relatable it was to nerds. It came out at the perfect time and dealt with life in a way that any gamer has wanted to see the world.


Snotgirl is different. The fashion world is never shown to be one that is either appealing or relatable. Like many movies over the years, it paints all fashion designers and journalists as self-obsessed and very one dimensional. It’s all about being the center of everyone’s attention always. Maybe the real fashion world is like that, but I’d like to think that in some cases it isn’t.

Snotgirl herself isn’t the exception either.

What sets Snotgirl apart is the crazy events that happen within the fashion world. I won’t spoil it because I truly believe it’s where this graphic novel truly shines. It’s thanks to these events that shape each character.


Imagine Twin Peaks if it was set in the world of fashion.

Each character knows more than they are saying and by the last page I was in shock of what had been revealed

The art by Leslie Hung is very ‘Archie’ inspired and it’s the colours that make everything stand out. Often characters are shown in a complete red or blue backdrop focusing your attention.

My final thoughts

Snotgirl is more than meets the eye, I know that’s cliché. However, it truly doesn’t take long to see things are way deeper than they seem. You don’t have to be into fashion to find something to love about this story. I really want to see where things go from here!


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