Staff Review – Batgirl, Vol. 1: The Batgirl of Burnside

Mark-bigI never read any Batgirl before so my relationship with the character is through Yvonne Craig, Alicia Silverstone and (spoilers) getting shot by the Joker in The Killing Joke. So not great.


The work by Stewart and Tarr is phenomenally fun, it has the vibe of a good Marvel comic contrasting with the more gritty sombre vibe DC seems to have these days. There’s an energy and hipness to these characters that makes it an enjoyable and engaging read. You like them so you want to know what happens to them.

batgirl_38The art is great and as a small time art collector, I’m hoping to add a Babs Tarr piece to my collection. The colouring stands out (POPS!) and adds to the atmosphere.

Barbara Gordon’s belongings are destroyed by a fire so she moves to the hip district of Burnside, joining the cafe/college set, gets some funky new yellow boots and gets attacked by katana wielding, motor cycling, twin sister assassins. Typical hipster.

A refreshing diverse supporting cast and appearances from mainstay DC characters, Batman, Black Canary and Nightwing it’s a great read for new or seasoned readers.




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