Star Wars: Lando

star_wars_lando_tpb_final_coverWritten by:
Charles Soule

Illustrated by:
Alex Maleev

Reviewed by:
Tyrone Burns

Lando is a five issue Star Wars story focusing mainly on board a special stolen Imperial ship.

Lando, as to be expected has got himself in a pickle. He owes powerful people money and the only way to pay off them is to steal from other powerful people.

I came away from this story surprisingly impressed. Though straightforward, in its simplicity lied an opportunity for character growth and exploration.

What we already know of Lando’s character does not change in this story. He is the charming gambler who bets his life in hope of a better one. So in this adventure, it’s really the secondary characters that shine and bring a complexity to the story.lando1_4jpg

Lobot may well have become a fan favourite after this comic book was released. If you have seen “TESB” (The Empire Strikes Back) then you may remember him. He was the bald man with the head implants covering his ears who seemed to be a faithful companion of Lando’s. He was also a key factor to the heroes escaping off Cloud city. Our impression in the movie is that he is just a humanoid robot with a loyalty to Lando, however, in this comic book we see there is much more to his character.

In many ways Lobot is Lando’s conscience. Always weary of the questionable choices he seems to make on the fly. He is Lando’s business parter and plays a vital part in helping him learn who he really is and to accept an unselfish path of good.lando1_1jpg

Lando is tasked with stealing a ship from the Empire. What at first seems like an easy job is made complicated when it is revealed who the ship belongs to.

To make sure there are no complications, Lando and Lobot bring along a three person crew. Two of which become extremely interesting characters. Aleksin and Pavol, highly trained fighters rivaling the best guards in the Empire. They seem to be two male characters in love with each other which is a Star Wars comic book first (if I am not mistaken.) They are made more interesting by their attire. Both of them literally look like Marvel’s Black Panther or a tribal member of Wakanda. It’s a look I’ve not seen before in Star Wars but I was much in favor of it.lan-02-02-630x470

The last character I want to talk about is Chanath Cha. I won’t reveal much as to who this is but wow!, Chanath is awesome! It literally felt like I was reading about a Marvel Avenger in a Star Wars story. Chanath kicks butt;  fly’s and even has a striking cape. I hope to see more of this character as, if I’m honest, they were my favorite part of the story.

What I am enjoying so far about Marvel’s Star Wars comic book’s is that they are more than just stories taking existing characters from A to B. Rather, the stories are designed to show us who they are and why they are the way they are in the movies. Lando is a two-bit gambler for sure. But deeper, he is just someone wanting to leave a mark before he dies and that is why Marvel’s Lando the comic book is a really good read.do2

The art by Alex Maleev is well presented. Lando looks just like the Billy Dee Williams we know and love. The only complaint I have is the lack of emotion shown on each character. They all look great but in some way’s they always look static, with a lack of soul or heart.

Sadly, we do not see the game in which Lando lost the Millennium Falcon to Han. Instead however, we gain a deeper look into his motivations and his treasure and that should be reason enough to pick this comic up.




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