Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Amazing Adventures: Volume 1 review

Written by: Landry Q. Walker
Art by: Chad Thomas

Volcano Time:
By James Kochalka 

Zine-Age Mutant Ninja Turtle:
By: Caleb Goellner, Chad Thomas, and Noah Sciver

The Meeting of the Mutant Animals:
Written by: Matthew K. Manning
Art by: Chad Thomas 

Freaks and Frogs:
By Ben Costa

Donnie Finds a Relic:
By Sina Grace

Reviewed by: Tyrone Burns

It’s thirty years this year since the pilot episode of TMNT aired across the world and through those years it has experienced a lot of ups and downs and surprisingly it wasn’t until 2012 that TMNT really hit big again with all ages when Nickelodeon aired a brand new series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For years people had been begging for a TMNT series that had in its soul the same magic that made the original show such a hit. Of course if you watch the 80’s series now it’s hard not to find that it has aged like most 80’s cartoons have: Badly. So the challenge everyone involved had with the show was to make it feel like a worthy successor to the original but with enough modern freshness to bring in a brand new audience.

It became a big hit, not just to children but to adults too and it is this series that has sparked off the comic book series “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Amazing Adventures.63_02

It would be hard for me to talk about this comic book and not mention the art by Chad Thomas. It perfectly complements the television series in much the same way Dean Rankine’s Simpsons comic book does the TV series. Each character is exactly as you know them with only Splinter being the exception. He looks great but not exactly like his TV counterpart. The Turtles personality comes off brilliantly in each panel even down to the exaggerated “chibi”features often seen in the animated series.

The volume is split into six stories with the first issue being the highlight. The Fab Four with master Splinter must team up with their archenemy Shredder to take on an old Ninja and friend of both Shredder and Splinter who calls himself Zodiac. I found the story gripping as it delved more into the history of ninja’s before the Turtles in a half shell were born. That made each moment exciting!It felt just like the TV show which is all any fan could want.

It was sad then that the other stories bar “The meeting of the Mutant Animals” didn’t succeed in the same manner. They were all enjoyable but lacked the same stakes and character growth. “Volcano Time”was fun, with a good look into the type of comic book stories Mikey himself would make.17_08

These characters have existed for so long because of how relatable they are. Four turtles with four distinct personalities, we all know a “Michaelangelo” in our lives or a “Raphael” type. Sadly the lack of many strong female characters has held the series back from appealing to a larger audience but even still, this is a series strong in people’s hearts and for good reason; the series showed you can kick ass as a ninja but still be a walking fail button like Mikey or a nerd like Donny. They are not perfect, but we love them for that.

If the 2012 series (still ongoing) appeals to you and you just can’t get enough, than I would recommend this comic series to you. However if you are looking for deep, rich stories that extent the universe in more ways than just ‘filler’ type content than this might not be the TMNT series for you.

Booyakasha turtle fans! What a time to be living in. There is so much TMNT content out there now and I can’t get enough of it.


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