What to read?

We sell some comic issues (the short, floppy books with ads that are released monthly or bi-monthly), but we specialize in (and prefer to read) graphic novels.

What’s a graphic novel? A big, fat comic book. It’s got enough pages to have a spine, or sometimes a hard cover. There are no ads like there are in comic issues, and best of all, you can read the story all in one go. Most graphic novels are collections of consecutive comic books that together tell a story, but some are written as long-form works from the outset.


The Comics section of this website is a great place to start. The Greenlight team have written about their favourite-ever graphic novels: visit Staff picks to whet your appetite! You can also find info on Australian and South Australian creators’ work under Local creators.

And don’t forget, our friendly staff just love giving recommendations in store!




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