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Top 30 Xmas Graphic Novel Gift Ideas

Got a human friend that’s into movies, TV, reading, art or video games? Do you need to acquire an Xmas pressy for these hard to buy for humans? Fear not, GRAPHIC NOVELS are the answer! Lucky for you we have created a list of the the top 30 graphic novels organised into genre.

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Xmas Gift Registry at Greenlight Comics

Who has a gift registry? We do!
If all your loved ones whine that you are too hard to buy for, we got your back!
Come into the shop and ask for a gift registry form, wander around the shop and make a list. Check it twice!
When one of your loved ones comes in, we’ll let them know exactly the books you want.

And if you can’t come in, use our online form
Double Sorted!

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52 review

If you’re at all familiar with the DC comics landscape of the last decade, the number 52 will have some meaning to you. With a little research, you’ll eventually end up discovering the eponymous 2006-2007 limited series. On paper 52 seems like madness. The plan was simple: DC would bring together five of the best creators in the business and they would publish a weekly coming for one year. It was an audacious plan and the mere fact that each and every issue shipped on time would make 52 a singular triumph. It is, consequently, very easy to forget that hiding in the history lesson is a truly fantastic story.

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The Omega Men (2015) review

 In media res literally means “into the middle of things” and is a narrative device wherein the reader is dropped right into the middle of the story. The structure, while far from uncommon in the comic medium, is inherently risky. By forgoing story build-up the story has to grab the reader instantly, or they will simply lose interest. With the Omega Men, Tom King (currently helming a fantastic run on Batman) with help on art from the talented Barnaby Bagenda, drops the readers not just into the middle of a foreign story but into the middle of a foreign setting, with foreign characters. The first few issues are like trying to put together a puzzle without the box and having to start from the corners.

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October Order Form Is Up.

Follow the link below to go to the October order form. There you will find a hand picked list of the top picks out of this month’s Previews magazine.

Fill out the form and what you want pre-ordreed and send it off. Easy

This month’s order form

Dark Night: A True Batman Story review

If the name Paul Dini isn’t familiar to you then the man’s body of work certainly will be. He is one of the driving forces behind Batman: The Animated Series, considered by many to be the greatest animated adaptation of a comic character that we have had to date. He is also credited alongside Bruce Timm with creating Harley Quinn, arguably one of the most popular characters of the modern era.

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Planet Hulk review

“Hulk Smash”, “Puny human, leave Hulk alone” essentially summed up the Hulk until Peter David merged the intellect of Bruce Banner and the power of the green goliath. Planet Hulk, though takes this quintessential characteristic of powerful monster who wants to be left alone and clearly casts him as the hero.

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