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Based on the hit indie video game series, Bendy! Seventeen-year-old Buddy has spent most of his life trying to escape the Lower East Side slums of New York City. Working as a delivery boy to support his family, Buddy wants to become an artist, a dream he's sure will never be realized. But that all changes when a delivery job puts him face-to-face with Mr. Joey Drew, the eccentric owner of an animation studio. Mr. Drew takes Buddy under his wing as an apprentice, thrusting him into a world unlike anything Buddy has ever seen before. But not everything at the studio is as picture-perfect as it seems... Something is going bump in the night at Joey Drew Studios, something that leaves behind trails of thick, dark ink. While the studio frantically works toward their latest deadline, Buddy and Dot, the writing intern, team up to find out just what



In 1891 a mine collapsed into itself. What was the dark substance found 666 feet underground? During the final days of the Gold Rush, one mining company in Colorado pulled up radioactive uranium, and then the mine then collapsed in on itself. Legends sprung up about the mine being cursed or even haunted. Now the Frontier is closed, the gold and silver mines have dried up. The country is becoming "civilized," and yet, in one stretch of the Rocky Mountains, a terrifying, new kind of violence is suddenly emerging. Random killings. People going mad and murdering neighbors, classmates without real cause. When a schoolboy kills his teacher with a hatchet, a famous federal marshal named Azrael William Holt is called in to investigate the killings. What he-and a brilliant young geologist-uncover is stranger and more horrifying than anything they could have ever imagined. Blending modern horror, historical fact and Western



Nominated for the Eisner and Harvey Awards, Gou Tanabe's adaptation of the Lovecraft classic is collected in its entirety in Dark Horse's acclaimed Deluxe Edition manga format. Following in the footsteps of Berserk, Hellsing, and Blade of the Immortal, this Deluxe Edition features wrap-around cover art with soft touch lamination and spot gloss, 100 gsm woodfree paper, 8 pages in full color, a title page in silver ink, foil gilding on the edges of the book block, and a satin ribbon bookmark! In 1931, an expedition team arrives at a campsite in find its crew of men and sled dogs strewn and dead. Some are hideously mangled, as if in rage-some have been dissected in a curious and cold-blooded manner. One man is missing. But a still more horrific sight is the star-shaped mound of snow nearby...for under its five points is another mass grave-and what lies there is



The Witch Boy meets Stargazing in Lunar Boy, a debut middle grade graphic novel by twin creators Jes and Cin Wibowo, which follows the story of Indu, a young trans boy from the moon in this touching coming-of-age story. Indu, a boy from the moon, feels like he doesn't belong. He hasn't since he and his adoptive mom disembarked from their spaceship-their home-to live on Earth with their new blended family. The kids at school think he's weird; he has a crush on his pen pal, who might not like him back; and his stepfamily doesn't seem to know what to do with him. Worst of all, Indu can't even talk to his mom about how he's feeling because she's so busy. In a moment of loneliness, Indu calls out to the moon, begging them to take him back. And against all odds, the moon hears him and agrees to



An all-new era of Marvel Zombies! Daredevil, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Blade, the Punisher and many more are beset by ever-growing zombie hordes! A mad Reed Richards works in desperation. A lone warrior stands tall against a galaxy of undead. And the unstoppable X-Force faces its greatest foe yet! From New York City to a mystical forest full of gods and monsters to the now truly Savage Land, the plague has clawed its way everywhere - but in a brutal, bloodstained world, can hope survive? Or will creeping, gnawing, shambling horror win out at last? Find out as your favorite (and soon-to-be favorite!) creators tell the most haunting tales their minds can muster! Collecting MARVEL ZOMBIES: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #1-4. Rated T+



Spider-Man has ventured into space to return Silver Surfer's surfboard to the space-faring hero. But what starts as a simple mission quickly evolves into a new mystery involving a collection of rare talismans that can give the owner great and potentially dangerous cosmic power. Before he can return home, Spider-Man must discover where all the talismans are and just what their purpose is in order to ensure they don't fall into the wrong hands. Good thing Spidey has joined forces with the perfect super-hero team-the Guardians of the Galaxy-to see this mission through! With the help of Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax, can Spider-Man save the day and secure his way home? Or is he fated to be lost in space forever?



Mirai Sarutobi has a lot to live up to as the granddaughter of Konoha's third Hokage and the daughter of Asuma Sarutobi, the hero who gave up his life during the Great Shinobi War. But as everyone continues to expect great things from her, she struggles to separate herself from her family's legacy and find her own way.



Luffy and crew arrive on the mysterious island of Egghead! There, they find Dr. Vegapunk's laboratory and all sorts of futuristic wonders. But when CP0 arrives to assassinate Vegapunk, a new adventure is kicked off!



One day, penguins are spotted in the suburban town that fourth-grader Aoyama calls home. The penguins make their sudden appearance in a residential district-nowhere near the ocean-and disappear just as mysteriously. Where could they have come from, and where did they go? Aoyama is determined to get to the bottom of it! This is the slightly curious, unforgettable tale of that summer.



The world has changed for Spider-Woman! The Web of Life and Destiny restored Jessica Drew's existence, but Carol Danvers and the precognitive Madame Web can tell something is different. Where is Spider-Woman's infant son, Gerry?! Meanwhile, the Viper has engineered a deadly union between Hydra and Diamondback that's about to tear the city apart - and bring forth a new foe powerful enough to destroy New York while burning Spider-Woman's world to the ground! As a Gang War rages and Spider-Man reaches out to recruit Jess to a new team, Spider-Woman digs into the shadowy corners of her past while pursuing her own very personal agenda. She may be lost in darkness, but she won't be fighting alone. Not when her best friend is Captain Marvel! Collecting SPIDER-WOMAN (2023) #1-5 and material from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2022) #31. Rated T+



Exploding from your TV screen! The iconic X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES thrilled fans in the 1990s and defined the X-Men for an entire generation. And their small-screen adventures, inspired by the X-Men's classic storylines, were adapted into comic-book form as well! Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Beast, Jubilee and Morph are Professor X's Uncanny X-Men - ready to battle threats including Sabretooth, the Juggernaut and Magneto, Master of Magnetism! But when the mutant-hunting robotic Sentinels attack, one of the team will pay the ultimate price! Plus: The X-Men battle the misunderstood Morlocks - and from the far future comes the freedom-fighting soldier called Cable! Collecting X-MEN ADVENTURES (1992) #1-8.



The Cobra Threat Begins Here! In a world where the Cobra organization hasn't formed, one man's sinister plans to utilize the mysterious alien substance known as Energon sends shockwaves across the globe. Who is Cobra Commander? Where does he come from? And what horrors is he planning to unleash that will rock the world-and maybe the universe-to its core? Writer Joshua Williamson and artist Andrea Milana kick off the second of four action-packed miniseries that will introduce the best and worst humanity has to offer in the Energon Universe. Featuring a Direct Market Exclusive cover by Andrea Milana that will only be printed once. Collects Cobra Commander #1-5.



Wally West has never been quicker, more fulfilled, more heroic. And yet... something is off. Very off. His evolving understanding of his powers has opened Wally to new avenues of sci-fi adventure and attuned his senses to strange new ideas. When something whispers from the dark vibrations beyond the Speed Force, Wally must experiment with creative new approaches to his powers when he encounters new realms, mysterious allies, and mind-shattering terrors! Plus, in Titans: Beast World Tour: Central City, both Central and Keystone City have been blasted with monstrous spores, and it's all hands on deck for the Flash Family! The Flash: Strange Attractor is the start of a new era from the team of writer Simon Spurrier (Coda, Damn Them All) and artist Mike Deodato Jr. (Avengers, Not All Robots), also featuring contributions from writers and artists across the Flash Family, including Alex Paknadel, A.L. Kaplan, Jarrett Williams, and



I know how to take Superman and the Justice League off the board. Forever.--Lex Luthor How do you destroy the Justice League? The question has been plaguing Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom since the two titanic groups first came to blows. When confronted with the colossal entities of Skull Island, Lex believes he's found the answer to their eternal question. It's Superman vs. Godzilla, Wonder Woman vs. Behemoth, Green Lantern vs. Scylla, Batman vs. Camazotz, and Supergirl vs. Kong in this all-out battle for the fate of the DC Universe. Can Superman stand up to the power of Godzilla? Can Lex Luthor harness the primal forces of Skull Island? It's time to find out the answers to these questions and more! Acclaimed writer Brian Buccellato (Injustice) and bestselling artist Christian Duce (Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point) bring the cataclysmic crossover event of the year as the DC Universe clashes with



Rose loves nothing more than to play pretend in a magical land of her own creation. To her, that world is as real as our own-from her fluffy friends to the terrible evil that lurks at the center of it all. In one night, the line between fantasy and reality will disappear, an ancient hunger will feed again, and Rose will be pulled into a gruesome saga that began centuries before her birth. Debut writers Ethan S. Parker & Griffin Sheridan and master artists Bob Quinn (Knights of X, Black Cat Social Club) and John J. Hill (Vanish, Crossover) are proud to present a fantastic nightmare years in the making. Collects Kill Your Darlings #1-8.



Perfect for fans of Firefly and Cowboy Bebop, Space-Mullet is a sci-fi romp about a ragtag crew of misfits doing everything they can to get by in space. Space-Mullet is an episodic comic about a washed-up, Ex-Space Marine trucker named Jonah and his alien co-pilot, Alphius. Together, they do their best (and usually fail) to do good throughout the galaxy.



Collecting the entire hit series in one volume for the very first time! The Evil Max Maximus wants to get to Inner-Earth! He wants the dinosaurs that live there! He wants the powerful DynOre mineral that originates there! Super Dinosaur and Derek Dynamo are the only ones who can stop him! The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a ten-year-old kid and his best friend, a nine-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex who loves to play video games. Superstars Robert Kirkman (Invincible) and Jason Howard (Batman) present the action-packed buddy story perfect for readers of all ages-and all species! Collects Super Dinosaur #1-23 and Super Dinosaur Origin Special #1.



When an Amazon is accused of mass murder, Wonder Woman must find her before an elite U.S. strikeforce does. Failure will mean allout war between America and the Amazons, but that's exactly what the mysterious mastermind called the Sovereign wants! Diana faces her ultimate challenge in Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Outlaw, collecting the first issues from writer Tom King (Batman) and breakout artist Daniel Sampere (Dark Crisis)! Decades from now, we meet Trinity, the teenaged daughter of Wonder Woman, in a story that pits Diana against Giganta, Dr. Psycho, Silver Swan, and more, and introduces the Sovereign, whose Lasso of Lies may prove more powerful than Diana's powers of truth! Collects WONDER WOMAN #1-6 and a story from WONDER WOMAN #800.



The ocean covers about 70% of the earth's surface-A whole world, yet unknown to humanity... And in its depths a nation, thousands of meters beneath the waves. There, the mermaid Jo has been whiling away her days in peace. But that tranquility is shattered when her friend Ryuu is locked away for breaking the gravest of undersea laws: That humans must never know of the world below. But why would Ryuu let the secret slip? And who did she tell? The curtain rises on Jo's adventure to save her friend-and on her love..!??



The shocking murder of the Red Skull leaves an unfinished Cosmic Cube at large! Adding to the imminent danger, a cadre of the Skull's followers plans to ignite bombs in the hearts of Paris, London and Manhattan! Racing against a rapidly ticking clock, Captain America must solve the mystery of his nemesis' murder and find the Cube before it can be used to rewrite reality! But there's a lethal assassin on the loose with an all-too-familiar face. Cap's suspicions about the Winter Soldier will soon be answered in the most brutal way possible, tearing open old wounds and threatening to carve new scars that will never heal! Plus: Crossbones and the Red Skull's daughter, Sin, carve a path of chaos and destruction across the United States! Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA (2004) #1-17 and #1 DIRECTOR'S CUT, and CAPTAIN AMERICA 65TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL. Rated T+



New York Times best-selling author Margaret Stohl makes her comic-book debut! As Alpha Flight commander, Carol Danvers has the world cheering her on - but has Captain Marvel become someone she no longer recognizes? She'd rather focus on the job - which includes tackling a shady character hunting for alien refugee children and protecting a volatile Earth from a Chitauri invasion! Then, join Carol on a cosmic journey through a realm where up is down and good is evil as she goes head-to-head with...Star-Lord?! And when Carol heads back to her family home for some well-earned rest, a deadly weapon targets the sleepy coastal town - and Captain Marvel is in for some shocking revelations about herself and her family! Collecting THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #0-9, CAPTAIN MARVEL (2017) #125-129, GENERATIONS: CAPTAIN MARVEL & CAPTAIN MAR-VELL and THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1-5. Rated T+



A family's cross country road trip goes off the map and into the unforgiving wilds of Joshua Tree National Park, when mom and wife-to-be Helene succumbs to a malevolent force tucked inside an abandoned camping trailer. From a trio of modern horror masters, Tim Daniel (The Plot), DB Andry (Resonant), and Chris Shehan (The Autumnal, House of Slaughter)!



Kamiya is at the end of his rope. His mother is ill, and his job barely pays for her medication, much less food. With few options left, he considers the life-changing process of floromorphosis. Ready to give his body up for a payday, Kamiya is about to explore the limits of society's waning humanity.



Gannibal, the thrilling and terrifying manga horror series by Masaaki Ninomiya, on which the Hulu TV show is based, is published in English for the first time! After the mysterious disappearance of a countryside cop, the role is reassigned to Officer Daigo Agawa. He finds the remote village quaint, and he looks forward to an easygoing post among the warm and welcoming citizenry. Then... He gets a call. The body of a local grandmother has been found. The scene immediately sows doubt for the young policeman. A human bite mark has been left on the corpse, and any voiced suspicion of Agawa's is met with a strange, sudden, and intense hostility. Something dark is lurking under the idyllic façade of the charming mountain village. But can Officer Agawa spare himself and his family from it? The Gannibal TV adaptation, featuring a dream team of Japanese creatives and actors, is streaming



The iconic Boys' Love/BL manga is back! The inspiration for the popular anime of the same name, Seven Seas presents this romantic comedy of a rockstar and his novelist boyfriend in large-trim omnibus editions featuring an all-new translation! Rockstar wannabe Shindo Shuichi is determined to top the charts with his best friend and their rising band. But Shuichi's ego takes a hit when a handsome romance novelist, Yuki Eiri, bashes his lyrics. As Shuichi attempts to make Yuki eat his words, he unexpectedly develops a crush on the harsh critic-and the cold and prickly Yuki even seems to like him back! As they continue to gravitate toward each other, Shuichi discovers that success in the music biz may cost him his very soul.



Is gripping truly king in racing? That is what Takeshi Nakazoto of the Myogi Night Kids wants to prove with his GT-R against Takumi Fujiwara's specially tuned Trueno Eight-Six. Mount Akina's downhill may not necessarily be that easy of a race, and an overpowered engine and inflated ego may turn a deadly corner. What's more, the racing scene is wondering if Takumi can replicate his drift skills on a run other than Mount Akina, while Takumi shows nascent signs of a racing obsession. Contains a new translation of Initial D volumes 3 & 4.



SF/Fantasy visionary Tsutomu Nihei's most accessible and exciting series yet! Part of coming-of-age, part adventure, part high fantasy, this is bound to be a classic. Kaina is the only youth in the last remaining village that clings to life on the Canopy, high above the surface of the world. When Liliha, a princess from the surface, makes her way to the Canopy, each realize that there is more to their world than they knew. Kaina agrees to help Liliha return to the Great Snow Sea far below, where her kingdom is imperiled by the rapacious neighboring kingdom of Bargia. The trip is arduous, and foes lie in wait at the end of their descent. With Liliha taken prisoner and her father the king too caught up in politics to rescue her, Kaina has no choice but to set off with only the young prince in tow, braving the dangers of



Ele and Tonya are celebrating their fourth anniversary, but what was going to be a romantic night will end up turning into the end of their relationship. What has happened to them? Why has everything become so difficult? Where was the promise to always love each other? They don't know it yet, but the nightmare has only just begun: SOMETHING WANTS TO FEED ON THEIR FEELINGS, savoring the good, and leaving only the bad... and it won't stop until there's nothing left. Because he's still hungry... THE KING OF THE MOTHS is an intimate and intense comic with high doses of action and terror. An explosive mix that will keep you on the edge of your seat 'til the very end! __________________________________________________________________



Mugi, a transfer student from Tokyo now living in a southern island of Japan, can stand the new sunburn and the bullying he receives at school. It's the ocean, the water that he doesn't know how to swim in, and the brother-in-law who's making his older sister so happy, that he can't handle. Ever since his parents passed and this stranger became "family," Mugi's felt like there's nowhere he belongs, like maybe he should just... drown. Feeling out of place in his own home, he turns for refuge to his one friend, local girl Matori, whose grandmother tells them about a mysterious legend surrounding mermaids in a secret cove who will grant one wish to whoever they meet. So when Mugi's brother-in-law gets swept off to sea trying to save a carless swimmer in rough waters, it's up to Mugi to try to make things right-sink or swim.



Collecting issues 1-6 of THE MIGHTY BARBARIANS. From the writer of Barbaric comes the world-hopping, skull-crushing adventures of The Mighty Barbarians! They're barbarians. They loot, they plunder, they conquer. That's what they do, and they do it alone...until NOW!When an unstoppable force starts consuming one world after another, sorceress Morgan Le Fey uses her magic to assemble a team of skull-cracking warriors who must somehow work together to save all of existence. There's the young trickster Anansi, Viking shield maiden Birka, the shape shifting Nanook, and their leader, heir to a fallen kingdom and mightiest of warriors, KULL!Though their alliance is uneasy, they will do whatever it takes to cut the heart right out of their mutual enemy, leaving a path of ruin through everything and everyone that stands in their way!Before The Avengers, The Justice League, The X-Men, before it all...stood The Mighty Barbarians!



If you thought Ghostbusters would've been way better as a BL, this is the manga for you! Osuke's excited about finally getting to live on his own, but on his first day in his new apartment, he finds himself kicked out onto the street! So, when a real estate agent appears out of nowhere offering him a beautiful, new place (with just a couple conditions), he jumps at the chance. But when he opens the door, a drop-dead gorgeous blond guy pops out! It turns out living with him is one of the conditions! His name is Nijio, and he tells Osuke that, not only are ghosts real, but Osuke himself is a magnet for all things supernatural...



From the New York Times-bestselling writers James Tynion IV and Tate Brombal and artist Isaac Goodhart comes this LGBTQ+ horror-hero coming-of-age story that's Invincible meets Doom Patrol. Meet teenage mad scientist Christopher Chaos. For all his life he knew he was different. His brilliant mind works in ways that defy logic and enable him to do things that push him beyond his peers. Unfortunately, these abilities have also caused great pain in his personal life-leading others to fear him and leaving Christopher with profound loneliness and guilt. Then one day something cracked. When the cute boy at high school turns out to be a deadly creature, Christopher finds himself in a world of monsters, heroes, and a cult of hunters out to kill them all. Collects issues #1-6, plus bonus process material and a ten-page prologue story never before seen in print.



This charming and romantic shojo/josei fantasy is just what the tailor ordered! Hana's lifelong dream is to become a tailor and make wonderful clothes for people of all the different fantasy races. However, in a world where humans are discriminated against, even getting work as a seamstress is a struggle. When a handsome, mysterious prince offers her a job, it seems like Hana's fortunes might finally be changing for the better!



Chiri and best friend Dai live in an orphanage right next to the deepest, darkest forest. She's a fun-loving super cook looking for fresh adventures and ingredients, but on a scavenging mission to find some amazing new ingredients for her many culinary experiments, Chiri plunges both her and her best friend into the secret kingdom of Puddin', a secret place plagued by the Thousand Faces Monster and inhabited by all sorts of magical people and critters. Befriending witches, bards, ogres and sorcerers, can our two protagonists make it home and more importantly, can they evade the darkness that has awoken on their arrival?



An EPIC FANTASY ADVENTURE For ALL AGES! It's been 10 years since the men of the village left to fight in The Great War. Ten years since they left the women, children, and the older generation for a conflict far away from home and that they knew almost nothing about, except that it was about the security of their nation, their valley, their families. Ten years have passed since anyone has had any news of the war... But the women quickly took charge of village matters. This is how the Order of Shepherdess Warriors was formed, a group of female fighters chosen among the most courageous and acrimonious, to protect not only their flocks, but also the village! Molly is happy because as soon as she turns 10, she can finally start training, and if she's good enough, she can join the order and work out why there are more



In this romantic Boys' Love manga, sparks fly when a salaryman who's given up on love reunites with his crush from high school. Kanade is an office worker who's unfulfilled in life... and keeps the fact that he's gay a secret. Everything changes when he reunites with an old classmate from high school: Mashiro, the boy Kanade secretly liked back in his youth. Mashiro's arrival seems to bring new sunlight to Kanade's dreary life. As they get to know each other again as adults, could this be Kanade's chance to find love with the one who got away?



"I've come to eat you." So softly utters the mermaid Shiori, as she emerges from the sea and takes high school girl Hinako by the hand. Hinako lives alone in a town by the sea, and possesses an unusually delicious body that is irresistible to nearby monsters. To ensure that she matures to the best condition, Shiori seeks to protect Hinako-all so that someday, she can devour every piece of her. What will become of Hinako's feelings as this looming unjust death closes in on her...?



Young freelance journalist Georgie joins a local wrestling circuit to investigate a new article, making friends (and more than friends!) along the way. But is the validation she gets from the sport worth the drama that comes along with it?



From the GLAAD Media Award-nominated writer of the bestselling queer historical graphic novel Liebestrasse comes this LGBTQA+ fantasy tale of a washed-up rodeo star heading home to visit his father in the hospital. While on the road he confronts the mistakes of his past and the monsters of his present. A beautiful story that blends together themes of second chances, magical realism, queer romance, and fantasy.



From Chris Yost (co-creator of X-23, writer of X-men, Spider-man, and The Avengers, plus Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Mandalorian) and artist Val Rodrigues comes an action packed dark fantasy with a sci-fi twist! After the fall of the Britons and the Roman invasion of Hibernia, the captive known only as the Druid is released, sending a wave of dark magic across the world. As the innocent burn in the Wicker fields, those who would resist learn of a man who even the Druid fears. Led by a powerful witch and a Roman soldier, a ragtag crew of rebels attempt to free this strange man. For it is this prisoner, a soldier from a different time, who alone knows the Druid's secret: this is not how the world is supposed to be. Collects issue #1- 4 of the genre-bending Top 10 Best-Selling Comics of 2024!



A hulking barbarian makes his way across a brutal landscape in search of food in this fresh take on the sword and sorcery genre! Bloodrik is angry, confused and starving. Finding nothing but failure in his usual hunting grounds, the woodsman stomps his way into unfamiliar territory in an attempt to feed his stomach and heal his wounded ego. What he finds there will lead him on a journey of madness, violence, fire, and blood! Collects the entire debut miniseries, plus three bonus short stories: "Hold Fast" "Head Rot" and "Shatterwing" Collects Bloodrik #1-3.



From Sabir Pirzada, writer of Marvel Studios' Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel TV series, comes a bold vision of the future! When climate change and automation disrupt the lives of millions, a new civilization is formed in the skies-one that threatens the wealthy citizens who've been hoarding Earth's meager resources for themselves. Nomadland meets Mad Max in this anthology featuring stunning artwork by Mart n Morazzo (Ice Cream Man), Vanesa Del Rey (Redlands), and more!



Barry Allen is a forensic scientist for the Central City police, whose job is to catch criminals after they've committed their crimes. Then, one night, lightning strikes--and he becomes the Fastest Man Alive! Be there for the beginning of his incredible journey in this bold new spin on his earliest adventures from the creative team of Joshua Williamson (Justice League vs. Suicide Squad) and Howard Porter (Scooby Apocalypse)! Collects THE FLASH #70-75.



It's 2003, supernatural creatures casually exist amongst humans, and America is made up of 31 states. Vince Okonma has lost his parents, moved in with his secret mercenary cousin and his video game-making roommate, and befriended "the greatest vampire who's ever lived." And that's just the first 20 pages. From Wyatt Kennedy and newcomer Luigi Formisano, a new vision of urban gothic adventure starts here! Welcome to Florida, where the youth is wasted on the young...



The Penguin, the king of Gotham City's criminal underworld, has died and is contentedly living in Metropolis in a not so well-deserved retirement. With his children fighting over his vast criminal empire, the once great crime boss is cooking dinners for his girlfriend and buying expensive suits, until the U.S. government enlists the Penguin as their agent to take back the Iceburg Lounge and his empire. To become the man he once was, the Penguin must collect the right pawns and employees by using every wile and wit at his disposal. From award-winning and bestselling writer Tom King (Batman, The Human Target) and artist Rafael de Latorre (Daredevil) comes a bloody, hard-boiled tale of redemption and revenge! Collects THE PENGUIN #0-7.



The Eisner-nominated tale of tough-as-nails hobos in a magical post-WWII America is collected here for the first time in a brand-new complete edition! The world's toughest hobo is searching for the mysterious sinners' heaven-Rock Candy Mountain. But why? And why is the Literal Devil chasing him? Jackson will have to survive underground fight clubs, trainyard bullies, the toughest FBI agent you've ever seen, prison, newfound friendships, and more if he's going to make it to his destination. A kung fu hobo epic, the likes of which you've never seen before! Written and drawn by Kyle Starks, with colors by Chris Schweizer, and featuring a brand-new cover designed by Matt Kindt! Collects Rock Candy Mountain #1-8 and includes additional bonus material!



Can a single slime build the ideal society? Find the answer in this hit manga tie-in to the two-season streaming anime sensation. This large-sized omnibus edition includes Vol. 1-3. Mikami's middle age hasn't gone as he planned: He never found a girlfriend, he got stuck in a dead-end job, and he was abruptly stabbed to death in the street at 37. So when he wakes up in a new world straight out of a fantasy RPG, he's disappointed but not exactly surprised to find that he's facing down a dragon, not as a knight or a wizard but as a blind slime demon. But there are chances for even a slime to become a hero, and maybe even build a country where the rejects and outcasts can find a place to belong... Experience the isekai sensation that helped inspire the hit anime in a definitive, large-sized omnibus edition, including Vol.



Disney's Peter Pan gets a twisted, graphic novel makeover in this reimagined YA story that asks, "What if Wendy first traveled to Never Land... with Captain Hook?" Sixteen-year-old Wendy Darling's life is not what she imagined it would be. After nearly meeting her hero, Peter Pan, four years earlier, she still holds on to his shadow-and the hope that his magical home truly exists. So when the chance to travel to Never Land arises, Wendy makes a deal with Peter's nemesis in exchange for passage. But the Never Land she discovers isn't the wondrous place she imagined: Peter is nowhere to be found, and his pixie friend Tinker Bell refuses to speak to her. Still, when Captain Hook reveals some evil and rather permanent plans for Never Land, it's up to Wendy and Tink to save Peter Pan-and his world.



The entire Eisner Award-winning series in a single book! Something is very wrong with Natasha. She's...happy?! She's reveling in the perfect life she never dreamed she could have. But scratching the surface of that peaceful existence reveals something very wrong lurking beneath it - and a woman like Nat just can't help but scratch. Beyond the Golden Gate Bridge lies a mystery only the Marvel Universe's greatest spy can solve, but doing so will be the most emotional adventure of her long life! As the Black Widow adjusts to a revised status quo in San Francisco, allies old and new will help her target a mysterious emerging threat in the city by the bay - a dangerous villain known only as Apogee. But even more deadly is the Living Blade - the one skeleton in Natasha's closet she hoped she'd never encounter again! Collecting BLACK WIDOW (2020) #1-15. Rated T+



In a dying world, only humans and orcs remain-mortal enemies battling for territory and political advantage. But when a group of fearsome ancient humanoids known as the Vangol arrive from across the sea, the two struggling civilizations are forced into a fragile alliance to protect what they have built. As a gesture of his commitment to the cause-and to the relief of his bride-to-be, Faran Stoneback-the most powerful orc overlord, Troth Icemane, sends his beloved cousin Tara, a high-ranking young healer, to fight alongside brash human commander Callum Battlechild and his company of warriors. With a crisis looming, the success of this unlikely pair's partnership and the survival of their peoples will depend on their ability to unlearn a lifetime of antagonistic instincts toward one another...and rise above the sting of heartbreak.



In the desperate battle with All For One and his minions, the U.A. students are pushing themselves to their absolute limits. Everywhere, the villains have the upper hand. As the floating U.A. island falls out of the sky, Ochaco and Asui fight Himiko Toga, and Midoriya squares off with Tomura. All For One's new form appears all but unstoppable, and if he reaches Tomura, all is lost. But one hero stands in his way...



From road trips to doctors' offices to the mysterious spaces under the house, Kit Anderson's short stories explore the secrets and magic typically unseen in everyday life. A walk through the forest, a family move, a day in a normal life-Anderson's depictions of these ordinary moments transform them with a double-take, revealing the strangeness, surreality, and transformation within.



Spider-Man's darkest night! The time? The future. The place? A cold, hostile Manhattan that long ago traded freedom for security, imposed by the brutal soldiers of the Reign. The opposition? Publisher turned rabble-rousing street prophet J. Jonah Jameson, who promises Spider-Man will return to save them all. But the long-vanished hero is a tired old man now - no job, no family, no hope. Can Peter Parker rediscover his once-great power and the great responsibility that comes with it? Or is the Spider's mask too heavy a burden to bear in this harsh new reality? Collecting SPIDER-MAN: REIGN (2006) #1-4. Rated T+



All's fair in love and music when this supernatural all-girl rock band must beat the odds and become the best band in town! Izzy's a bass-playing werewolf. Geraldine's the ghost of an amazing jazz pianist. Delilah's the meanest drummer in town. They'd be the perfect trio to win the Battle of Bands... except Geraldine can't play a solo since she passed away, and Izzy and Delilah are at each other's throats at every opportunity. Can they work through their problems to win the competition, or will they be defeated by Delilah's ex-band and their villainous frontman, Dylan? Sparks will fly, milkshakes will melt, and ears will ring in the latest delicious LGBTQ romp from graphic novelist Balazs Lorinczi.



Join New York Times bestselling writer-artist Ngozi Ukazu (Check, Please!) as she takes readers on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, deep friendships, and first loves! Darkseid is...and life on Apokolips is tough--but then, it is hell, after all. And no one knows this better than Barda, Granny Goodness's right-hand warrior. But Barda has a secret...she is in love. Or she is drawn to the idea of it, anyway, whether it be the beauty of a flower; her affection for her closest friend, Aurelie; or the mysterious and fierce enemy warrior Orion, who is the only match for Barda's strength. When Granny decides Barda is becoming too soft, she assigns Barda a task that might be more than she can handle--to break the seemingly unbreakable Scott Free. And as Barda questions why Scott has such hope and what he might have done to provoke such hatred from Granny, she finds herself



Slasher hunter Cassie Hack is only just getting used to her man-monster partner, Vlad, when she's drawn into a new case involving a murderous bunny mascot, dead kids, and an entire squad of maladjusted teenage serial killer-hunters! A completely new chapter in the beloved, long-running series by Eisner-nominated Zoe Thorogood (It's Lonely at the Centre of the Earth) that's perfect for new readers and old fans alike. Collects Hack/Slash: Back to School #1-4.



SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS, BATTLING NEW FOES! Hawkgirl, a.k.a. Kendra Saunders, needs a fresh start...and Metropolis is just the place to begin her new post Justice League life. But when a mysterious villain with a powerful connection to the Nth metal that makes up Hawkgirl's wings starts causing trouble, Kendra will finally have to admit she needs help. New hero Galaxy can manipulate all kinds of energy, and her dog Argus can talk, but will they be enough to stop the monsters terrorizing nightclubs, dragons destroying skyscrapers, and the very dimension they live in collapsing in on itself? And can they survive...the Nth World?! This brand-new adventure with sky-high action, adventure, and intrigue by Jadzia Axelrod (Galaxy: The Prettiest Star) and Amancay Nahuelpan (Wonder Woman, Detective Comics, The Flash) collects HAWKGIRL #1-6.



It's 2046 and America has just elected its first teenage president: Beth Ross, a.k.a. Corndog Girl, best known for a viral video on social media! Previously selected as one of YALSA's Top Ten Graphic Novels for Teens, DC's critically acclaimed political satire Prez returns in a new format and more relevant than ever. Collects PREZ #1-6 along with a short from CATWOMAN: ELECTION NIGHT #1 and DC SNEAK PEEK: PREZ #1, as well as a brand-new short story.



Anya could really use a friend. But her new BFF isn't kidding about the "Forever" part... Anya could really use a friend. But her new BFF isn't kidding about the "Forever" part . . . Of all the things Anya expected to find at the bottom of an old well, a new friend was not one of them. Especially not a new friend who's been dead for a century. Falling down a well is bad enough, but Anya's normal life might actually be worse. She's embarrassed by her family, self-conscious about her body, and she's pretty much given up on fitting in at school. A new friend-even a ghost-is just what she needs. Or so she thinks.



George Metzger's comics stand out for their captivating combination of high fantasy and science fiction, his prescient views of climate change and political chicanery - and, just when you need it. Explore a feudal landscape in steam-powered vehicles, soar the skies in anachronistic airships and hitchhike back to nature with the hippies. It's all here in this long-awaited anthology of George Metzger's most iconic (and idiosyncratic) comics creations - including two never-before-seen stories rediscovered after missing for decades!