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Then And Now by Datsun Tran HC

In his picture-book debut, contemporary artist Datsun Tran tells his family?s story of making a new home after journeying by boat from Vietnam as refugees. In vivid ink paintings and spare, resonant text, Then and Now explores the powerful associations a sound, smell or sensation can carry. Young readers are warmly welcomed into two immersive, multi-sensory and strikingly different worlds: then and now. Datsun Tran combines traditional and modern materials and processes to make ink paintings inspired by classical Chinese brushwork. He explores themes of conflict and utopia, childhood and the relationship between different cultures. His subject matter is often filtered through the lens of what we have in common, rather than what separates us.


To Capture A Califex Gn

After years of uneasy truce, there has been an attack in the forest outside of Karratapa. Now?s the chance for Amala, the new town mage, to prove she can make a difference in the world and protect the townsfolk from the dangerous Califex that lurks beyond the edge of the bush. Fortunately, she has the full support of the Mage Council and her Academy education to guide her. But instead of helping her, Amala?s town aide Temon is full of old wives? tales and dire warnings. Unfortunately, she can't capture the Califex without help, so she must find a way to get this frustrating man to see things her way or they might not escape the forest alive.


Two-Week Wait: An IVF story by Luke and Kelly Jackson

An original graphic novel based on the IVF stories of its husband-and-wife authors and the 1-in-50 couples around the world like them. Conrad and Joanne met in their final year of university and have been virtually inseparable since then. For a while, it felt like they had all the time in the world. Yet now, when they are finally ready to have kids, they find that getting pregnant isn?t always so easy. Ahead of them lies a difficult, expensive, and emotional journey into the world of assisted fertility, where each ?successful? implantation is followed by a two-week wait to see if the pregnancy takes. Join Joanne and Conrad, their friends, their family, their coworkers, and a stream of expert medical practitioners as they experience the highs and the lows, the tears and the laughter in this sensitive but unflinching portrayal of the hope and heartbreak offered to so many by



The inmates of an extensive underground prison struggle to build meaningful lives in a broken system, in the most ambitious graphic novel to date from rising indie star Chris Gooch (Bottled and Deep Breaths). Under-Earth takes place in a subterranean landfill, hollowed out to serve as a massive improvised prison. Sunken into the trash and debris of the past - Gameboys, iPhones, coffee cups, old cars - we follow two parallel stories. In the first, a new arrival struggles to adapt to the everyday violence, physical labour, and poverty of the prison city. Overwhelmed and alone, he finds a connection with a fellow inmate through an old, beat-up novel. While these two silent and uncommunicative men grow closer thanks to their book, the stress of their environment will test their new bond. Meanwhile, a pair of thieves pull off a risky job in exchange for the prisons' schematics and the


Behind the Scenes

Comics artist George Rex takes you ?Behind the Scenes? of how she makes her comics. A collection of short comics that range from why comics artists use blue pencil when drawing, to techniques for receiving critical feedback on your graphic novel, from what it?s like to quit your day job to become a full-time artist to the joys of getting a new sketchbook. By local Adelaide artist George Rex


Universe Gun #11

The super-massive eleventh issue of the 12-part psychedelic superhero/sci-fi epic! Introducing Wundastar, the new Ms. Amazing for the 37th Century. This double-sized issue features six sequences by guest-star artists: Greg Gates, DC Fisher, Jonathan Munro, Michal Dutkiewicz, Dave Heinrich and Haylee Snook! By local Adelaide artist Dr Mike 2000 and others


Diver’s Curse

A group of friends go camping and start to tell scary stories around the fire. But are these stories about to get more real than they expected? A snappy horror comedy by the writer of Screams from the Crypt, Darkwell Bled. Perfect for lovers of comedy zombie movies like Shaun of the Dead or Dead & Breakfast. Contains drug use and violence. By local Adelaide artist Darkwell Bled


Universe Gun #12

The twelfth and final issue of the 12-part psychedelic superhero/sci-fi epic! Cyberius XII leads the Universe Gang to their final confrontation against Gloriana J, the secret queen of the Solar System. What single superpower can he use to defeat someone who possesses 1,000 different power rings? By local Adelaide artist Dr Mike 2000


The Unauthorised Biography of ?Begurk? Bergutsson

The Unauthorised Biography of ?Begurk? Bergutsson tells the tragically comic or comically tragic fictional life story of the titular Begurk, from his childhood riding to school on a giant chicken to his adult career as the head of a cactus farm ? thwarted at every stage of life by his nemesis: cheese! By local Adelaide artist Adam Gillespie


Ida Blaker #1

This comic is a prelude to the ongoing webcomic, Heart of Millyera. Heart of Millyera is an epic steampunk adventure about young geology student Ida, who finds an unusual object at the bottom of a lake, unwittingly becoming guardian to Millyera - a childlike spirit as old as the universe. By local Adelaide artists Jess Cate (words) and Jana Hoffmann (pictures)


Universe Gun #10

The tenth issue of the 12-part psychedelic superhero/sci-fi epic! A strange love triangle has developed between Prince Cosmic, Star Girl 3000, and her boyfriend from a previous dimension! It?s rumbling time! An even stranger solution may present itself! By local Adelaide artist Dr Mike 2000


Universe Gun #9

The ninth issue of the 12-part psychedelic superhero/sci-fi epic! The secrets of the Life Star are finally revealed! Where did it come from? Why did it shut down? Is there any chance of recreating Ms. Amazing, the legendary hypermissionary of the 21st Century? Join the Universe Gang as they stumble around the derelict alien satellite in search of these answers. By local Adelaide artist Dr Mike 2000


The Year That Was

The Year That Was is a collection of autobiographical sketchbook comics. Some of them even happened. These one-page comics were all originally published online on a nowdefunct website. By local Adelaide artist Owen Heitmann


A Dogs Life

Edie and Harper are best friends, housemates and dogs! Edie is anxious and uptight and almost always frustrated with Harper, her carefree, extroverted and supportive BFF. ?A Dog?s Life? captures a regular day in the life of these dog pals, going shopping for toilet paper, having bubble teas in the botanic gardens and reminiscing about old times. But not everything is as it seems... By local Adelaide artist George Rex