We unpacked our first comics shipment in Dan’s garage, stayed up alllll night laying carpet-tiles in the shop, and finally opened our doors to the public in May of 2016. It was all hopes and dreams back then, but here we are, over eight years later, incredibly grateful for the continuing privilege that is sharing our passion with all of you.

meet the team

Dan McGuiness (he/him)

Dan has worked in comic shops for over fifteen years now! He is the creator of much-loved comics trilogy Pilot and Huxley, and illustrates the ongoing childrens’ book series ‘Hot Dog‘. In-store he looks after ALL of our many library accounts & is basically the face of Greenlight Comics, so you’ll see plenty of him over on our socials! Out of hours he’s probably playing/developing video games or skateboarding!

Ross Duncan (he/him)

Plays bass. Pierced face. Alternative taste.

Brayden Dixon (they/them)

Brayden worked in a bookshop for the entirety of their high school years, then after meeting Dan and working on a gaming podcast for years together they found their way into working at our wonderful comic shop! They love LGBTQIA+ and Superhero comics — Miles Morales and Ms Marvel are particular favourites. They keep our website looking pretty and handle our pre-ordering!

Nick Jervis-Bardy (he/him)

Nick is our resident charts and figures dude, and keeps statistics on EVERYTHING! Best selling genre of 2019? He can tell you. Number of copies of Chainsaw Man Vol 7 we sold during a February leap year? He can tell you that too. How much have you, personally, spent on dice sets for all fifteen of your D&D characters? Maybe you don’t want to know, but Nick does… He disappears to the desert for weeks at a time, claiming to be geophysicist. He reads Star Wars and Green Lantern comics, and was hanging out for Saga to return so bad, you have no idea…

Mark Selan (he/him)

It was a windy autumn day in ‘89, right before the Batman movie released, and Mark’s hunt for Vaughn Bode art blew him through the doors of a comics shop. No regrets and never look back, right? He has read everything he can get his hands on since, from Dark Knight Returns and Lone Wolf and Cub, through Sandman, Eightball and X-Men, to the contemporary titles of today. He is a comics connoisseur — or comicsseur, if you will — and loves finding the perfect comics match for anyone who needs a recommendation!

Sarah Campbell (she/they)

Sarah enjoys comics that turn inward, focusing on the psychological landscape a character traverses during their journey. Their favourite genres are Sci-fi and Alternative, and any story that involves climbing mountains and/or surviving in the snow! If you get an email from us with a smiley-face in it, Sarah definitely wrote it 🙂