2022 is almost over, and just like our most recent shipment… this Christmas post is late! We still want to wish all of our incredible community a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and for a great end to the year. 2022 has both challenged us and rewarded us and we have come out the other side more motivated than ever to share our passion for all thing comics and graphic novels with our community as we barrel into 2023.

The major focus for us this year is on acknowledging and celebrating our team here at Greenlight Comics. You might not realise but it’s more than just Dan, Ross, and Sarah slaving away behind the counter to bring you the comics you love.

Brayden has been with us for more than a year at this point and they have wrangled our online store into a functioning website as well as driving our ordering and understanding of the DC and Marvel universes with a passion for all things super (they love a good company wide crossover). Not to mention falling in love with and recommending gorgeous new LGBTQIA+ graphic novels each month.

Owen has also been working quietly in the background for a while, sourcing, and networking with our local comic community to make our local comics section the most complete, diverse, and interesting selection in the industry (it helps that he self publishes some of the best local content going around).

You might not know but Mark and Nick have been with the business since day 1! Mark keeps the ATO off our scent by managing our books and he’s also the man to go to for the more esoteric non-fiction content that helps as stand out beyond the standard superhero fare (ask for a recommendation some time, you won’t be disappointed). If you’ve ever been trying to purchase a book at the counter and the POS has crashed… it was probably Nick’s fault. He’s constantly tinkering and playing with the IT systems at Greenlight to give the team the ability to do things faster, more efficiently, and offer our community unique services you can’t get anywhere else (he built the txt system from scratch, in a cave, from a box of scraps).

Finally, Dan (he deals with like 50 librarians… somehow), Ross (manages to create customised recommendations every month for dozens of our customers) and Sarah (she’s capable of putting away an entire week of special orders without so much as a single distraction). Since day 1 these three have worked tirelessly and passionately as the faces of our business and with somewhere in the region of 30 years’ experience selling comics between them, they are the bedrock on which our success is built.

Each member of our team brings something unique to create some sort of comic-selling-sweater-wearing-reading-writing retail centipede that thrives on chaos and good literature. We expect 2023 to bring more challenges and more quality books for us to share with you all. Because, it’s all for you; our friends, customers and fans making sure you have the best service and books.
And we’re ready.

Sending all the love from our team to yours.

The Greenlight Team
Brayden, Dan, Mark, Nick, Owen, Ross & Sarah