Keanu Reeves is writing a comic called BRZRKR, and its main character looks just like him

Keanu Reeves is now a comic book writer.

This is not a drill. 

The fan-favorite actor and fan-favorite all around human being is adding the title to his diverse resume with Friday’s announcement of BRZRKR (pronounced Berzerker), an October-debuting 12-issue limited series from Boom! Studios, co-written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Alessandro Vitti.

Described by USA Today as “action-packed and hyper-violent,” BRZRKR – which kind of sounds like Jason Bourne in reverse meets Highlander – is the story of a warrior “who looks a lot like a certain beloved actor and has walked a blood-soaked path across the world for centuries. In present day, the Berzerker is hiding in the U.S. and does dangerous jobs for the government in exchange for the truth about his existence.”

“It’s like, ‘I’ll go do some missions for you and you’ll help me figure out who I am and how this has come to be and how maybe I could get released from this.’ But then of course there’s ulterior motives on both sides,” Reeves describes.

Check out some of the pages below.



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