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STRESS AND MENTAL AWARENESS MONTHS! Do you know any cyclothymics? Good luck if you encounter them in your daily life, be it in your family or at work! Unpredictable, often irritable, loud, fast-paced, euphoric, sometimes sluggish and sad. In two words: destabilizing and exhausting. It’s challenging to navigate life with them on their roller coasters or even just to wait for their storms to calm. You have to tread carefully, be patient, diplomatic, not easily offended. Solid, in short! Lou had to deal with it, all of it, tame the Fox playing tricks with her mind and learn to overcome her condition… With humor. Lots of it! Based on the creator’s personal journey, A Fox In My Brain is a positive take on Mental Health. A breath of fresh air that will give everyone an extra boost of self-love. Actually, the doctor should prescribe you a copy!

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