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In these fabulous collector’s editions of Asterix, some of the classic Asterix stories are collected in 3-in-1 volumes. Volume 1 collects Asterix the Gaul, Asterix and the Golden Sickle, and Asterix and the Goths, which introduce the indomitable hero and his friends as they try to defend one small village in Gaul from being conquered by the legionaries of Rome who surround them. Volume 2 continues the series with Asterix the Gladiator, Asterix and the Banquet, and Asterix and Cleopatra. Volume 3 includes Asterix and the Big Fight, Asterix in Britain, and Asterix and the Normans. Volume 4 collects Asterix the Legendary, Asterix and the Chieftan’s Shield, and Asterix at the Olympic Games. Volume 10 features Asterix and the Magic Carpet, Asterix and the Secret Weapon, and Asterix and Obelix: All at Sea. Volume 11 includes Asterix and the Actress, Asterix and the Class Act, and Asterix and the Falling Sky.

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