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Written by Grant Morrison, Nicole Maines, Christopher Cantwell, Nadia Shammas and More Art by Hayden Sherman, Paulina Ganucheau, Stephen Sadowski, Skylar Patridge, Mildred Louis and More This hardcover expansion of DC’s celebrated DC Pride 2023 anthology delivers the greatest super-hero team-ups the multiverse has to offer! Legendary scribe Grant Morrison returns to the world of The Multiversity for a tale of the cosmic lengths Flashlight will run to in order to honor his lost love! Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy take a getaway to Dinosaur Island, only to stumble on Lobo’s daughter, Crush! Jon Kent gets a crash course in the dark side of magic from John Constantine! All this and more, plus a gallery of sensational DC Pride variant-cover art! Collects DC Pride 2023 #1 alongside the debut of Circuit Breaker from Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1 and an Alan Scott tale from DC Pride: Through The Years #1.

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