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Availability: Only 1 left in stock

A middle-grade graphic novel about a Taiwanese American girl navigating identity, bullying, and the messy process of learning to be comfortable in her skin. Between homework, studying, and Chinese school, Mei Ying’s summer is shaping up to be a boring one. Her only bright spots are practice with her soccer team, the Divas, and the time spent with her nai nai, who is visiting from Taiwan. Although Mei Ying’s Mandarin isn’t the best and Nai Nai doesn’t speak English, they find other ways to connect. By the end of the summer, Mei Ying is sad to see Nai Nai go but excited to start fifth grade. Until new kid Sid starts making her the butt of racist jokes. Her best friend says to ignore him, but does everyone else’s silence about the harassment mean they’re also ignoring Sid… or her? As Sid’s bullying fuels Mei Ying’s feelings of invisibility, she must learn to reclaim her identity and her voice.

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