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When Pastor Holley’s wife, Kelly, disappears, FBI agent Garrett takes on the case with Sheriff Mullen. After Garrett reveals that he and other FBI agents have been kidnapping townspeople for experimentations and Kelly’s death was a mistake, the police and FBI begin looking for a scapegoat for their crimes. The scapegoat comes in the form of four friends: Mitch, Terri, Lupe and Jackson. The punks, the queers, and outcasts. After an altercation between Lupe and her bigoted boss, she’s pushed as the prime suspect of Kelly’s murder by Garrett and Mullen. Meanwhile Pastor Holley has been whipping the town up into a satanic panic. On the run from Garrett and Mitch the group ends up entering a blood pact with Satan. Now protected they’re able to defend themselves and outrun the authorities. Garrett ends up murdering Mullen in an effort to sway Satan back to his side but it doesn’t work. Mitch-as-Satan kills Garrett which releases Satan into the world. But Satan closes the hellmouth and returns back to hell. The friends drive off into the sunset away from their town.

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