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ON SALE DECEMBER 2022 Brace yourself for armored action on a truly massive scale! In AVENGERS: MECH STRIKE, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes donned new mech armor to battle an unprecthreat. Now a trio of the world’s most notorious super villains, assembledby Doctor Doom, have used the Eye of the Kraken to give themselves a mystical – and monstrous – upgrade! In order to defeat their foes, the Avengers must undergo a similar transformation – and become Monster Hunters! As the heroes contend with their strange new powers, they team with some unlikely allies: Rocket, Groot and Ghost-Spider. But will even these new additions to the armored-up Avengers be enough to defeat Doctor Doom and his ever-expanding monster army – especially when Doom evolves into his final, fiendish form?! Collecting MECH STRIKE: MONHUNTERS #1-5. RATED T+

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