Penni In Vegetaria


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Penni hates eating her greens, so when she finds a dream-powered machine that can
whisk her away, she sets the controls for Candyland. Unfortunately, she crash-lands in
Vegetaria ? a strange, musical world where the fruit and vegetables are at constant war,
wanting Penni locked up as a truth-seeking, troublemaking freak!

?(Lil?) Penni In Vegetaria? first appeared in mid-1992 as a black and white comic book on
cheap pulp paper in showbags entitled ?Tales from The Ovoid? #1. In 2001, ?Penni in
Vegetaria? was coloured by Greg Gates and digitally relettered to run in ?K-Zone?
magazine but at a reduced, digest size. Now, finally, it has been restored to full size on
high quality paper with notes, original character sketches and a new, wraparound cover.

By Victorian artist Dillon Naylor