The Resurrected


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The year is 2037 and the world as we know it has changed dramatically. With all the
colossal technological advancements of the age, the most significant came from Drexler
Nanotech Corporation, which created a serum engineered to resurrect the dead. The
ethical implications were widespread and the serum was ultimately banned the world
over. Detectives Cain Duluth and Akimi Ozaki work for the SDR (Special Division for the
Resurrected), whose mission is to detain people resurrected with the banned serum.
When trying to solve a brutal murder of a ?Rezzy? (a resurrected person), the duo come
head to head with the CEO of the Nanotech Corporation, Xander Calypse.

By Australian writer Christian Carnouche (words) and various artists (pictures)