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Thor, mighty thunder god. Loki, trickster without equal. But once, they were kids. And like all kids, they needed… a babysitter! What? No one tells Thor what to do! Not even Sif, trained as a warrior from birth! Not even Fandral, Thor’s best friend, who sees all of Thor’s flaws! To prove that he can take care of himself, Thor decides to go on a Thor Quest. Along for the ride are a secretive Loki, a loyal Fandral, and an annoyed Sif-who has better things to do than watch Thor. They will tackle sea serpents, robot dinosaurs, and-most horribly of all-their own mistakes. Filled with art, comics panels, and wild and hilarious twists, this first book in the new Thor Quest series will keep you flipping its pages and laughing out loud.

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