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Availability: Only 1 left in stock

(W) Jasmine Walls (A) Various (CA) Vasco Georgiev Art by Hailey Stewart, Manou Azumi, Toby Fan, and BBM Before going off to college in New York City, Mari Jiwe is gifted an ancestral totem, fabled to give its wearer the powers of the animal kingdom. Of course, this is just a silly story based in ancient superstitions, right? Wrong! After arriving in the Big Apple, Mari finds herself in over her head, big time, as the totem gifts her with animal abilities beyond her wildest dreams. And on top of that, she’s still a college freshman. While she battles to keep her grades up, she also battles the dark forces that are emerging from the corners of this vast metropolis–forces that will stop at nothing to take away her magic totem. Concrete jungle meets actual jungle in this brand-new origin story for this fan-favorite character! Things are going to get wild in this collection of the first nine episodes of the hit Webtoon, optimized for a print reading experience.

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