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About us


The team behind Greenlight Comics brings a wealth of experience in reading, creating and selling comics to improve your comic buying experience. We just love comics and are beyond excited to be opening our own shop.

DanDan McGuiness
Dan picked up his first comic a decade ago and since then, quickly went from a celebrated small press creator to an internationally published creator. He has written and illustrated the Pilot and Huxley series, which was released through Scholastic. He has worked in comic shops extensively, whilst also running his own skateboarding company. A bottle of energy, he’s a big fan of Scott Pilgrim and Invincible. Dan is our lead customer service rep and one of those responsible for ordering all the books in the shop.

Mark SelanMark
Mark worked in a comic shop for three years as a late teen and has been an avid comic reader for over 25 years. He is the old-school aficionado of the group; a fan of Claremont’s X-men, Hernandez’s Love & Rockets and Koike’s Lone Wolf and Cub, Mark also manages the business side of Greenlight. Mark is a massive fan of Australian comics, publishing and organizing multiple magazines, books and 24 Hour comics events.

NickNick Jervis-Bardy
The force is strong with this one. Nick is the main organiser of events at Greenlight Comics. Nick loves both types of Sci-Fi comics: Star Wars AND Green Lantern. He disappears to the desert for weeks at a time, claiming to be geophysicist. When not on a vision quest you’ll find him hanging out in the 501st as Boba Fett or doing some tabletop gaming.


Ross Duncan
Another veteran of the comic book retailing scene, Ross can recommend the perfect book for you and melt your face as bass player for Beyond Mortal Dreams. He is a massive fan of cats, UFC and the Chew series.




Photos by Celestial Light Photography. – Drawings by Dan McGuiness.

What to read?

We sell some comic issues (the short, floppy books with ads that are released monthly or bi-monthly), but we specialize in (and prefer to read) graphic novels.

What’s a graphic novel? A big, fat comic book. It’s got enough pages to have a spine, or sometimes a hard cover. There are no ads like there are in comic issues, and best of all, you can read the story all in one go. Most graphic novels are collections of consecutive comic books that together tell a story, but some are written as long-form works from the outset.


The Comics section of this website is a great place to start. The Greenlight team have written about their favourite-ever graphic novels: visit Staff picks to whet your appetite! You can also find info on Australian and South Australian creators’ work under Local creators.

And don’t forget, our friendly staff just love giving recommendations in store!



Greenlight Membership

Greenlight members earn benefits and access to special events and sales. Members can also set up subscriptions for their favourite titles.


Standing-ordersYes, you can have a subscription to your favourite titles!

We’ll order the books you like, and when they come in we’ll set them aside for you to collect at your convenience.

First, you’ll need to sign up as a Greenlight member (which is really easy).

How do I create a subscription?

Instore: Just come into the shop and tell us what you want us to hold for you. If you’re not already a member we’ll sign you up on the spot.

Online: First, head to the Membership page to sign up as a Greenlight member. Once you receive your membership confirmation email, you can use your Member number to set up a standing order.

How do I change my subscription?

The best way is send us an email and we’ll happily update your details. Or you can do it in person and we’ll send you an email confirmation.

I want to cancel my subscription?

I hope it wasn’t something we did. But that’s cool, you’ll still be a Greenlight member.

I can’t come in and collect my subscription?

We hope everything is okay.

If you are collecting trades or graphic novels, that’s cool, we can wait for awhile.

If you are collecting monthly comics, you can pay for your comics over the phone and we can post the comics to you for a small fee.

But if we don’t hear from you for three months, we are going to put a hold on your subscription and we’ll stop putting books aside for you. We won’t order any more books for you until you pick up your standing order.

After 6 months we’ll assume you’ve been kidnapped by pirates, are away defending the frontier from Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada, or have married a vampire. At this point we will release your comics into the wild (but of course, if you have paid for any in advance, we will gladly hold these for you until you manage to slip away from your scurvy captors/reptilian comrades/bloodthirsty spouse).

Rest assured that we’ll make every effort to contact you before cancelling your standing order.

Special orders

Special-OrdersIf you are looking to buy a particular book and we don’t currently stock it, we can organise a special order and get it in for you.

We’ll send you a text or email when it arrives. We can even mail it out to you for an extra fee.

Just speak to one of our sale assistants and they’ll help you out.

Weekly shipments

weekly-shipments2Every Thursday Greenlight Comics gets a shipment of new graphic novels and issue #1’s from the USA.

In the USA new comics come out every Wednesday, but because Australia has a big time difference our comics get here on Thursday (which is still Wednesday in America).

Once we open, you’ll be able to check out what’s arriving on the coming Thursday by viewing an automatically-updated list of our new releases.

If you don’t want to miss out on weekly new arrivals then join up as a Greenlight Member and set up a standing order. To learn more about Greenlight membership or to join up go here.


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