Staff Review – Vinland Saga, Volume 1

The best thing about working in a comic shop is our customers and I have to thank one of them for recommending the awesome Vinland Saga. Thanks JJ! For some reason I’m going through a vikings phase, bingeing on Vikings, reading books about them, wearing furry underwear and horned hats. So Vinland Saga came at […]

Staff Picks: 47 Ronin

Every cinematic version of this classic Japanese story bores me to tears so approached this retelling with some hesitation. It is a classic story of revenge and honor, featuring samurai, lords, politics and corruption. The writer is Mike Richardson, the President of Dark Horse –  a very large man with a bad haircut who has […]

Staff Picks: Ghost World

In preparation for Dan Clowes new book, Patience, I’ve been going back through his catalogue. Ghost World was his second book, reprinting strips from the much acclaimed Eightball. Ghost World centers on two young adults, stuck in that time between leaving school and starting ‘life’. Surrounded by kitsch dinners and sterile suburbs, they love their […]

Staff Picks: Civil War

Compared to the comic book, the movie really is just a dozen guys brawling in car park. The number of heroes that appear is staggering, but for the most part they act as ciphers or props to keep the story going. However, if you miss something or don’t get a reference, you are not really […]