Happy New Year! (2020-2021)

Hello everyone, 

Happy New Year! 

We’ve been reflecting on everything 2020, counting our blessings, having made it through with our health, our homes and our shop. We know we’re lucky. 

Despite such an unstable year fraught with comics shutdowns, business restrictions and online staff meetings, we chose to act out our optimisms and have achieved some truly wonderful things:

– We expanded the store, added shelves to some of our pre-existing sections (manga!) and created a whole new genre section (young adult!). We think it looks great, and are pretty proud of it 🙂 

– We hired a new staff member, who is already proving to be a positive force within the business — our warmest welcome to Brayden! 

– This holiday season, our windows were painted up all festive-like by the incomparable George Rex Comics! Sadly we’ll be taking the mural down over the coming week, but we’re already thinking about new murals for 2021. 

– We expanded our tabletop gaming section, adding Pathfinder and Shadowrun to our regular Dungeons & Dragons selection, with more to come in the near future. But most importantly, now we can display MORE DICE! 

We could not have achieved any of this without the unwavering support of our customers and community. 

Which brings us to our biggest takeaway from the year: 

This is more than just a job for us, and more than just a bookstore for you. 

Thank you for continuing to dream this dream with us. You are all amazing. 

We wish you every happiness, and hope your 2021 is brimming with joy, good friends, and (of course) comics <3 

Brayden, Dan, Mark, Nick, Ross and Sarah



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