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Not very long ago, Soggy Landing was an island paradise. Now, it’s a brutal settler city. A group of wealthy, magical cultists rules from the top. A leafy plague afflicts all but the most privileged, and it never stops raining. Our hero, Otso, is a self-sufficient stoner wizard bear who comes to understand community and camaraderie when she arrives in Soggy Landing. A battle between the haves and the have-nots is coming to a head, and Otso and her friend Slipper join the revolutionary group the Broken Wheel in an uprising against colonial forces controlling the magical island. The world of Soggy Landing is a densely populated island town filled with many interconnected communities sharing a rich, deep, creamy mythology. There’s mystery, danger, politics, and conflict, but also wonder, whimsy, and sex. It combines historical fiction with magical fantasy to explore a post-global war community pitted against robber barons and diabolical cults.

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