Harry Potter and my Childhood Obsession. – Review.

received_853710488063958With my frequent visits to Greenlight Comics, I had come across a few of George Rex’s memoirs and had them on my to buy list for awhile. I heard good things, plus I’m always on the lookout for a good local read. Georgina’s comics mainly consist of autobiographical stories of her journey through life and her holiday adventures but don’t mistake them, they are funny and entertaining while the art is simple, cute and appropriate.

Harry Potter and my childhood obsession is about the dilemma of a Harry Potter super fan faced with the potential do or do not purchase the new Harry Potter book: The Cursed Child.
We get a fun, occasional laugh out loud look at the younger life of Georgina and her passion for Harry Potter. I have got a lot of respect for Georgina and her parents after reading this. They brought her imagination to life in such clever ways, such as taking photo’s of her jumping up with a broom between her legs on a trampoline so it looks like she is flying, or Georgina’s mum on her birthday making a alternate version of snakes and ladders where there is instead Basilisks and Phoenixes. Georgina and her family took no expense ever to make a magical world as real as possible and there is a great deal of warmth to be had knowing that.  One part that got me laughing was when Georgina had her eyes tested. She had desperately wanted glasses so she could look like Harry Potter, when the Doctor agreed she needed reading glasses Georgina exclaimed out loud a proud “YES” to the doctors confusion.

My enjoyment of this read stems from just how relatable Georgina’s early life felt in this comic. Knowing these events actually occurred made for more lively, empathy driven storytelling.  We all had our loves and passion as children and many of us put hard work into making our dreams seem real whether it be through pure imagination or themed bed covers. if we end up keeping that love when we are adults depends, but either way that childhood memory can stick with us, leaving with it a feeling of warmth and excitement. That is the feelings Georgina’s story left with me.
I will be picking up another of George Rex’s Comics soon. In the meantime I’m gonna reflect on my childhood passion.

Review by Tyrone Burns



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