52 review

If you’re at all familiar with the DC comics landscape of the last decade, the number 52 will have some meaning to you. With a little research, you’ll eventually end up discovering the eponymous 2006-2007 limited series. On paper 52 seems like madness. The plan was simple: DC would bring together five of the best […]

The Omega Men (2015) review

 In media res literally means “into the middle of things” and is a narrative device wherein the reader is dropped right into the middle of the story. The structure, while far from uncommon in the comic medium, is inherently risky. By forgoing story build-up the story has to grab the reader instantly, or they will […]

Dark Night: A True Batman Story review

If the name Paul Dini isn’t familiar to you then the man’s body of work certainly will be. He is one of the driving forces behind Batman: The Animated Series, considered by many to be the greatest animated adaptation of a comic character that we have had to date. He is also credited alongside Bruce […]

Planet Hulk review

“Hulk Smash”, “Puny human, leave Hulk alone” essentially summed up the Hulk until Peter David merged the intellect of Bruce Banner and the power of the green goliath. Planet Hulk, though takes this quintessential characteristic of powerful monster who wants to be left alone and clearly casts him as the hero.

Seven to Eternity Vol 1

Written by Rick Remender. Illustrated by Jerome Opena. Reviewed by Tyrone Burns. Seven to Eternity is what you get when an all star team end up on the same page together! Whether it’s Opena’s vibrant and detailed illustrations, Matt Hollingsworth’s amazing colour choices or Rus Wooton’s world class lettering, you know you’re in for a […]

Sex Criminals Vol 01 review

For the longest time you thought you were alone. The sole occupant of a realm where everything has stopped. Until the day you discover another. Two people, whose ability to cease the flow of time is activated by sexual intercourse. What do you do with this power? Rob banks, obviously.Edit

Snotgirl Volume 1

Written by: Bryan Lee O’Malley Illustrated by: Leslie Hung Reviewed by: Tyrone Burns