New Ongoing Comic Book Series That We Think You Should Get Into

Have you finished Paper Girls, Giant Days and The Wicked + The Divine? Are you waiting on Saga to finally start up again? Is everything you’re reading wrapping up? Fear not! The following graphic novels are new ongoing comic book series that we think will be the next big hitters. SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN […]

13 Horror Graphic Novels To Get You Ready For Halloween

I love horror. I’m an avid horror fan. I even do a weekly podcast (TerrorVision Horror Podcast) about horror films. I always love to keep my favourate horror comics in stock as much as possible at Greenlight. Here are 13 cool horror reads to get you ready for Halloween. -Dan. 1. AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE When […]

5 Awesome Graphic Novels that you may have Overlooked

So many good graphic novels come out every week and it’s easy to miss some awesome reads. The following five graphic novels are great reads that we think everyone should give a go. SPILL ZONE VOL 01 Three years ago an event destroyed the small city of Poughkeepsie, forever changing reality within its borders. Uncanny […]

Cozy up at Home with these Lovely Graphic Novels

Snuggle up in front of the heater or under a blanky. Grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate and soak up these 6 adorable graphic novels. BANNED BOOK CLUB When Kim Hyun Sook started college in 1983 she was ready for her world to open up. After acing her exams and sort-of convincing her […]

Greenlight Comics Best Selling Graphic Novels of 2019

You want stats? we got em! Here is a list of our best selling graphic novels of 2019. This is a great list to start a reading list from. TV and films have had a big influence in sales this year revitalising a bunch of older series. Also web artists have worked on a bunch […]

Greenlight’s 2019 Best Graphic Novels

The end of the year is fast approaching and we felt it’s time to do a Best Of The Year List. Each on of the Greenlight Comics family chose their two favorite graphic novels of the year. Outer Darkness Vol 01 – Dan’s Pick Sci-fi and horror collide! join Captain Joshua Rigg and his crew […]

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness – A Recommendation by Nicholas Finch

    My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness makes me want a hug. That’s certainly not because I’m the kind of person who takes any excuse for a hug, despite all claims to the contrary from lecherous charlatans or so-called “best friends”. I want a hug because, despite this book’s cartoonish appearance, it pulls no god damn punches. […]

Mister Miracle – A Recommendation By Nicholas Finch

Mister Miracle is an interesting beast. It’s almost strange to do a review of it now, at the time of its physical release as a complete graphic novel – rave reviews were already being plastered on the cover of issue #1 before it was even released. The story is published by DC Comics, written by […]